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Please contact Gareth Roocroft (contact us)to obtain rate card and explore full opportunities for advertising on this South African birding website.

The following advertisements are accepted and sold on basis of single page, multiple pages or run of site to suit advertiser.

Payment by PayPal for International advertisers and by direct transfer to our bank account for South African advertisers.

Image ads with following dimensions

  1. Small Square (Button) 125x125 ... single page or multiple pages in units of one
  2. Vertical banner 120 x 240
  3. Leaderboard 728x90
  4. Banner 468x60
  5. Skyscraper 120x60
  6. Wide Skyscraper 160x600
  7. Medium Rectangle 300x250
  8. Wide Skyscraper 160x600
  9. Square 200x200
  10. Square 250x250
  11. Large Rectangle 336x280
  12. Small Rectangle 180x150

Text Ads

In context text ads will be considered in cases where text ad is completely relevant to context of the page concerned and the fact that it is an ad is made plain to the reader.

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