African (Angolan) Pitta | Pitta angolensis | Birds & Birding Southern Africa

The African Pitta is a Southern African bird which belongs to a family close to the Narina Trogon and African Broadbill species. It is a beautifully coloured bird that is unmistakable but is not often seen, and is locally uncommon within it's range.

Interesting Information On The African (Angolan) Pitta

The African Pitta was referred to as the Angolan Pitta in the 6th edition of Robert's. They are a very rarely seen bird and are known by birders as a lifer. The African Pitta can weigh up to 100 grams and stand up to 22cm's tall. This bird is extremely colourful and can be seen most often in the Zambezi Valley.

African (Angolan) Pitta Habits

The African Pitta feeds on the ground and flies away when disturbed into thick foliage where it will remain still until it perceives there is no threat. The African Pitta is a breeding Summer migrant to the northern parts of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. They have been recorded many times in South Africa, however. This is due because of the adventurous habits of the Pitta. They enjoy exploring and often stray far away from their known ranges.

African (Angolan) Pitta Habitat

The African Pitta is most commonly seen in riverine thicket and riverine forest. Also temperate forest. Often close to water and dense woodland.

Photo's & Differentiating Between Male, Female & Juveniles

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Male Adult  
Female Adult Same as above.
Non Breeding Plumage N/A