Where To Go Birding In The Free State And North West Provinces

Bird Watching In The Free State And North West

Bird watching in the free stateThe Free State and North West Provinces in South Africa don't offer as many prime bird watching areas as the other provinces, but the Free State and North West province can still hold their own with some good birding areas. The reason why the Free State and North West do not have as many bird species as the other provinces in South Africa is simply because of the habitat and vegetation. Here are the best birding areas in the Free State and North West.

Sandveld Nature Reserve (Free State)

The Sandveld Nature Reserve is quite picturesque and consists of a large dam, grasslands and Kalahari Thornveld. Without a doubt the best sighting you can see in the Sandveld Nature Reserve is the Orange-River Francolin.

Madikwe Game Reserve (North West)

The Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West province is one of the best game reserves to go birding in, in the region. Many great bird sightings will be made in the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Willem Pretorius Game Reserve (Free State)

In the centre of the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve there is a large dam surrounded by acacia woodland, there are also some well-wooded gorges present. The Willem Pretorius Game Reserve is a good place for waterfowl and woodland bird species.

Hartebeespoort Dam Nature Reserve (North West)

As with a lot of reserves in the Free State and North West, the Hartebeespoort Dam Nature Reserve is situated around the Hartebeespoort Dam and is a good area for bushveld bird species and there is also a breeding colony of Cape Vultures in the Hartebeespoort Dam Nature Reserve.

Golden Gate National Park (Free State)

The Golden Gate National Park has a few small dams as well as montane grassland and montane forest present in it. The Golden Gate National Park is well known for it's raptor and Drakensburg associated bird species.

Pilanesberg National Park (North West)

The Pilanesberg National Park consists of large dams, thick mixed woodlands and grassland savannah's. The Pilanesberg National Park has birds such as the Great Sparrow and colourful Southern Pied Babbler.

Ficksburg To Gumtree Route (Free State)

The Ficksburg to Gumtree route is a good route for birding and some rare bird species that take up residence on or near this bird watching route. Birds like the Rudd's Lark, Pale-Crowned Cisticola and the Blue Korhaan are found on the Ficksburg to Gumtree route.

Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (North West)

The Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve is home to many water birds and woodland bird species. The Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve consists of a Large Dam with woodland and riverine vegetation around it.

Tussen-Die-Riviere Nature Reserve (Free State)

A big dam is surrounded by Karoo scrub, grasslands and wooded kloofs in the Tussen-Die-Riviere Nature Reserve. The Tussen-Die-Riviere Nature Reserve is a good place to observe all types of Chats and Larks.

Borakalalo Nature Reserve (North West)

The Borakalalo Nature Reserve is a great area. Mixed woodlands, grasslands, riverine bush and marshes make up the Borakalalo Nature Reserve. Species like the African Finfoot and White-Backed Night-Heron occur in the reserve.