The Best Birding Province In South Africa, KwaZulu Natal

Bird Watching In KwaZulu Natal

Bird watching in kwazulu natalIt is hard to pick 10 of the best bird watching places in KwaZulu Natal, because I could choose at least 20. KwaZulu Natal is a superb birding province and plays host to numerous rare bird species. There are a lot of regions for birding in KwaZulu Natal that are some of the best in South Africa and even Africa. It was not easy but here are my 10 best birding areas in KwaZulu Natal...

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game reserve

The Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve is a well known wilderness area in South Africa, which is more famous for it's Black Rhino and African Wild Dog. Amongst the riverine woodland and riparian forest in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve you might get the chance of seeing both the Yellowbilled Oxpecker and Redbilled Oxpecker species of the sub region, many raptor species also occur in this game park.

Mkuzi Game Reserve

The Mkuzi Game Reserve has various habitat types but mainly includes woodlands, forests and pans. Over 400 bird species are found in Mkuzi Game Reserve and the special bird species are numerous. The forest dwelling birds of this area are a must see!

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve is a well know wildlife haven and this birding hotspot in South Africa is made up of coastal evergreen forest and dry woodland areas. The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve is a good area to see the forest bird species and this birding area is the best place in South Africa to see the Knysna Woodpecker.

Kosi Bay

Kosi Bay is a town near the border of Mozambique and there is a large lake here. There is also grassland, woodland and many palm trees and shrubs. Kosi Bay is a good place to to see many grassland and forest dwelling birds, and is a good birding destination all-year round.

Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park

The Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park is made up of a large lake (Lake St. Lucia) and around it many type of woodland habitats are to be found. The Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park is a good area to see large amounts of Flamingo and Pelican species. The Pink-Throated Twinspot and the Neergaard's Sunbird also occur here!

Ndumo Game Reserve

The Ndumo Game Reserve has many large pans, woodland and riverine forest habitats. The Ndumo Game Reserve is home to a fascinating variety of waterbirds, woodland birds and forest species. It is best to visit the Ndumo Game Reserve during the Spring and Summer months.

Dlinza Forest

Dlinza Forest is a government are that is made up primarily of coastal evergreen forest, a birding paradise! Dlinza Forest is a good place to see birds like the Spotted Ground Thrush and the Delegorgue's Pigeon.

Karkloof Nature Reserve

The Karkloof Nature Reserve has many tract of forest and short grasses that hide away small rocks. The best time to visit the Karkloof Nature Reserve is during spring and summer, where you might be able to see the Black-Winged Plover.

Kamberg Nature Reserve

Mainly hilly grassland regions make up what is the Kamberg Nature Reserve. Grassland bird species are plentiful in the Kamberg Nature Reserve and the special birds include the likes of the Wattled Crane and Southern Bald Ibis.

Durban Bayhead

Durban Bayhead is a small patch of mangrove and intertidal mudflats. Summer is the best time to see all the different migratory wading bird species that Durban Bayhead has to offer.