South African Birding Lifers & Rarities - Rare Birds To Tick Off Your List

In birding terms, a lifer is a South African species of bird that birders make special trips to see rare birds in small areas where they are regarded as being locally common. They are known as "lifers" because you are most likely to only see this bird once in a lifetime.

Birdings Lifer Narina TrogonSome of the bird species listed below might be somewhat controversial, to some birders, certain species are seen more often than others, but this is Birds In SA's rare and lifer bird checklist. I have been birding avidly since 2000, and have been fortunate to see a few of these lifers, and at the time of creating this lifer bird list, I have seen the Narina Trogon on 4 occasions, Southern Bald Ibis, Eurasian Bittern, Wattled Crane, Blue Quail, African Finfoot. I hope you can discover and hopefully photograph some of these rare bird species. Birds In SA have identified 24 Lifers for you to search for, happy birding!

"Lifer" Bird Species

Where Seen

Narina Trogon  
African Pitta  
Greater Painted Snipe  
African Finfoot  
African Broadbill  
Magpie Mannikin  
Crab Plover  
Neergaard's Sunbird  
Spotted Creeper  
Eastern Nicator  
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill  
Swynnerton's Robin  
Southern Bald Ibis  
Eurasian Bittern  
Blue Quail  
Corn Crake  
Wattled Crane  
Yellow-throated Sandgrouse  
Lesser Cuckoo  
Green Malkoha  
Pel's Fishing Owl  
Yellowbreasted Pipit  
Spotted Ground Thrush