Birding In The Limpopo Province, Home Of The Kruger National Park

Kruger Park And Limpopo Bird Watching

Kruger & Limpopo Bird WatchingThe Limpopo province is one of the best provinces (Along with KwaZulu Natal) for birding and bird-watching. Bird watchers come from all over South African to go birding in the Limpopo province. Of course the Kruger National Park, which is in my mind the best birding area in South Africa, is present in the Limpopo province and many bird species (Over 500) are found in the park. Here are the 10 greatest places to watch birds in the Limpopo province.

Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park has all the habitats you could wish for as a birder. The Kruger National Park is probably the best birding and most well known birding area in South Africa. The Kruger National Park is has over 500 bird species in the park and so many sought-after and rare birds.

Nylsvley Nature Reserve

The Nylsvley Nature Reserve is a spectacular sanctuary for birds and more than 365 bird species have been recorded in the open woodlands and vast floodplains. The special bird species of the Nylsvley Nature Reserve include: African Pygmy Goose, Lesser Moorhen, Lesser Jacana, Allen's Gallinule and the Dwarf Bittern.

Ben Lavin Nature Reserve

The Ben Lavin Nature Reserve is made up of open woodland and bushveld. Some of the birds in the Ben Lavin Nature Reserve include the Bushveld Pipit, Gorgeous Bush-Shrike and the Bearded Scrub-Robin.

Lapalala Wilderness

The Lapalala Wilderness is a great place to observe raptors and bushveld birds. The Lapalala Wilderness is mainly a mixed woodland region.

Hans Strijdom Dam Nature Reserve

The Hans Strijdom Dam Nature Reserve has a large dam situated around open woodland. The Hans Strijdom Dam Nature Reserve is a good area to observe waterbirds and bushveld birds.

Rust De Winter Nature Reserve

The Rust De Winter Nature Reserve consists of dams, grasslands and open woodlands. The Rust De Winter Nature Reserve is a good place to watch woodland bird species and the special bird of the Rust De Winter Nature Reserve is the Olive Tree-Warbler.

Langjan Nature Reserve

The Langjan Nature Reserve has a lot of scrub-acacia bushveld vegetation. The Langjan Nature Reserve has some special bird species such as the Bronze-Winged Courser, Temminck's Courser and the Dusky Lark.

Pietersburg Nature Reserve

The Pietersburg Nature Reserve is a grassland area with open woodland and the Pietersburg Nature Reserve is the best place in South Africa to see the Short-Clawed Lark.

Mosdene Nature Reserve

The large floodplains mixed in with open woodlands is the Mosdene Nature Reserve. The Mosdene Nature Reserve has very good numbers of waterbirds and bush birds, a great place to see a variety of Owl species.

Hangklip State Forest

The Hangklip State Forest is a good montane forest area to see Crested Guineafowl. Peregrine Falcon and other forest birds are also present in the Hangklip State Forest.