The Start Of The Lowveld... Bird Watching In Mpumalanga

Birding In The Mpumalanga Province

Mpumalanga, the Crane capital of South Africa is where the Highveld and Lowveld habitats meet and where birds from different habitats come together. Mpumalanga's birding is very good and there are some prime bird watching hotspots. All 3 species of Crane found in South Africa all occur in the Mpumalanga and are locally common. Here are the 10 most significant birding areas in the Mpumalanga province:

Millstream Farm

Millstream Farm is 400+ hectare farm with superb rolling grasslands and koppies mixed in with a few dams and small streams. Millstream Farm is a great bird watching area and there are breeding Rufous-Chested Sparrowhawks and many other rare or rarely seen bird species. Please click the link to view the bird list and other information on Millstream Farm.

Blyde River Canyon

The Blyde River Canyon is filled with a combination of indigenous forest and montane grassland. The special birds of the Blyde River Canyon are the Yellow-Streaked Greenbul and the Orange Ground Thrush.

Lowveld Botanical Gardens

The Lowveld Botanical Gardens is a mixture of various vegetation types. The Lowveld Botanical Gardens is a good place to see some of the more common bush birds of South Africa.

Nelspruit Nature Reserve

The Nelspruit Nature Reserve is covered in broad-leafed woodland and there is some riverine vegetation around a large Vlei. The Green Twinspot and the Buff-Spotted Flufftail are some of the special birds found in the Nelspruit Nature Reserve.

Saddleback Pass

The Saddleback Pass goes through montane grassland and evergreen forest. On the Saddleback Pass you might be able to see the Barratt's Warbler or the Gurney's Sugarbird.


Wakkerstroom is made up of montane grassland, wetland areas and some patches of indigenous forest. Wakkerstroom is an exciting area to bird watch and boast's species like the Rudd's Lark, Botha's Lark, Yellow-Breasted Pipit, Bush Blackcap and the White-Winged Flufftail.


The best place to go birding in or around Dullstroom is during the Spring and Summer months. Dullstroom is made up of grassland, marshes and wetlands and is one of the few places in South Africa where all 3 South African Crane species occur. The Pale-Crowned Cisticola, Cloud Cisticola and the Wing-Snapping Cisticola.

Pilgrim's Rest Nature Reserve

The Pilgrim's Rest Nature Reserve consists of well-wooded and riverine vegetation. The Pilgrim's Rest Nature Reserve is a good place to see many Warbler and seedeater bird species.

Loskop Dam Nature Reserve

In the Loskop Dam Nature Reserve there is a large dam surrounded by woodland and grassland habitat. The Loskop Dam Nature Reserve includes species like the Shelley's Francolin and the Striped Pipit on their bird list.

Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is close to the Kruger National Park and is home to a spectacular array of large mammals. Bird viewing in the Klaserie Nature Reserve is good and many species may be seen.